Atomic Live Fit LF 70 Womens Ski Boot 2019 - Women 9/9.5

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Like all our Live Fit ski boot range, the clever thing about our Atomic Live Fit 70 W is that it guarantees a perfect fit the moment you put it on. It’s thanks to our unique Live Fit zones around the forefoot that instantly adapt to the width of your foot for enhanced comfort and blood flow. The two oversize buckles also make the boot lighter and easier to get into. With a super comfortable Bronze liner and soft flex, the Live Fit 70 W is the ideal ski boot for newcomers and intermediate women skiers looking for a wider fit. Plus it’s WTR compatible.



Our liners come in Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze grades. You’ll see these labels written on the tongue. As our liners go up from Bronze to Platinum they provide the firmer fit better skiers need. They also become longer lasting, warmer and more personalizable.

The number one thing for first timers and intermediate skiers is to have boots that fit comfortably. As skiers get better, that fit can get firmer and more responsive. Our liners support that progression, with firmer foam and higher-performance Alcantara liner textiles as our boots go up in flex numbers.

We add Dynashape foam to our liners to make sure they don’t pack out and start feeling loose. The better the liner the more Dynashape we add. As a general rule Silver has Dynashape on the ankle, Gold on the ankle and side, Platinum on ankle, sides and tongue.

From Silver upwards many of our liners feature 3M™ Thinsulate™, the world’s best-known insulation. This means you get Thinsulate™ on Redster Pro W, Hawx, Hawx Magna, Waymaker and Live Fit. We’ve also added it to all our Kids boots, as little feet get colder quicker.

All our liners are heat moldable for a personalized fit. Different liners have different amounts of heat moldable foam, labeled on the tongue: T1 has foam in the ankle, T2 in the ankle and side, T3 on the ankle, side and tongue.


We’re working in partnership with 3M to create the warmest ski boots ever made. Specifically, we use Thinsulate™ Platinum Insulation all over our Platinum and Gold liners to surround the whole foot. And standard Thinsulate™ in the toe box of our Silver liners (where people get cold first).

The more air a material traps in a given space, the greater its insulating value. The microfibers in 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation are far finer than any other fibers. It means they trap more insulating air in less space, even when wet. This keeps feet warm and responsive even in extremely cold and damp conditions.


  • Microfibers trap warm insulating air
  • Exceptionally thin to retain a perfect fit
  • Placed in the toe box where your body cools down first


  • Microfibers trap warm insulating air
  • Exceptionally thin to retain a perfect fit
  • Surrounds the whole foot for maximum warmth