Burton Genie Snowboard 2017 - 147cm

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Your Wish Is Its Command.

The closest you'll get to a mystical figure guiding your every turn on the slopes, the Burton Women's Genie Snowboard grants your wish of quickly progressing from budding rider to full-fledged shredder. Its mellow flex facilitates easy turn initiation without excess stiffness holding you back. The twin shape makes finding your preferred stance (e.g. goofy or regular) easier by riding both directions equally well.

Offering a stable platform for learning without the catch of full camber, the Flat Top profile is predominately flat with early-rise tip and tail. Flat camber is confident tracking at speed, inspiring confidence for linking first turns and charging down intermediate terrain. Early-rise tip and tail prevent you from unexpectedly catching an edge and tumbling down the mountain. It's also great for learning to ride in the park by preventing the nose and tail from hanging up on boxes and rails.

Delving inside this progression-savvy board, the Fly core uses tip-to-tail wood for a consistently smooth flex, lightweight feel, and proven durability for seasons to come. Biax fiberglass is torsionally soft, allowing you to initiate turns without the board bucking you off balance. Going one step further for easier turning, Squeezebox Low thins out the core in strategic zones for easier manipulation of your board.

  • Easy-riding board caters to beginners
  • Flat Top profile for confidence-inspiring ride
  • Twin shape rides regular and switch equally well
  • Soft flex pattern facilitates easy turning
  • Fly wood core offers smooth flex and lightweight feel
  • Biax fiberglass is torsionally soft and forgiving
  • Extruded base remains quick without regular waxing
  • Burton creates industry-leading boards with innovative tech