Elan Pop Rocker Snowboard - 152cm

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The Elan Pop Rocker Snowboard is the latest in a line of boards that combine popular design with state of the art features. The board is made in the visually appealing classic twin shape that enhances your overall ability to ride switch and land big tricks. PopTec Rocker technology used in the board helps provide the extra grip you need for balance and landings, and a SupraTec wood core has been included that is lightweight, yet strong enough to last for many seasons without need of repair. The Artec Rocker is suited for all-mountain and freestyle snowboarding and is recommended for entry level and intermediate snowboarders.

Key Features of the Elan Pop Rocker Snowboard:
  • Technical freestyle
  • PopTec Rocker
  • TriTec sidewalls
  • ComposiTec beam
  • 4x2 inserts
  • Stone grinding
  • Shape: Blunt Twin Tip
  • Laminates: NorTec fiberglass
  • Base: AlphaTec base
  • Core: SuproTec wood core



The Elan Pop Rocker is a freestyle snowboard with a twin board shape. This board will excel at tricks, whether you never leave the park or jib and jab across the mountain. The twin shape allows you to land in any direction.

Rocker Camber

This snowboard has a rocker profile. Rocker camber snowboards float well in powder, and are great for jibbing in the park. But, because of the smaller contact area with the snow, the board may feel less stable on groomed runs, however the up-turned shape means it is more difficult to catch an edge.


Twin Shape

The Elan Pop Rocker has a twin board shape, meaning that the tail and nose width measurements of the snowboard are exactly identical to each other. A twin tip board is great for normal or "switch" riding.

Flexlite Flex

A snowboard with a soft flex is very receptive to twisting and bending. The soft flex provides riders with more board control and requires less energy to initiate turns.

Mounting Pattern
2 x 4
2 x 4

The "2 x 4" mounting system consists of holes placed in a 2cm x 4cm pattern to which you will mount your bindings. This is the most common mounting system used across the snowboard industry.