K2 Konic 80 Skis w/Bindings 2017 - 177cm

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Built for those who prefer their direction straight ahead, their turns clean and their martinis dirty, the K2 iKonic 80 Skis + Bindings is a maneuverable and predictable setup that will up your confidence level on any snow within minutes. K2 s Konic technology lightens the central portion of the core, while leaving denser wood near the perimeter for precise edging. You won't find a better combination of nimble handling and smooth turning anywhere in the industry.



All-Terrain Rocker – Designed for all ability levels, All-Terrain Rocker adds versatility and ease in all snow conditions. This profile features an elevated tip for variable and soft snow performance, as well as camber underfoot for power, energy, and edge hold in firmer conditions.


Konic Technology – Lighter in the center for lower mass and nimbleness; denser around the perimeter for concentrated power and precision over the edges.