Rome Inferno Dual BOA Boot - Black - 8.5

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Rome Inferno Women’s Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

The Rome Inferno is a low-profile number that’s not too flashy, but is a solid choice for the rider who dabbles in everything. New for this year is an improved spine, which ensures that slightly-above-average stiffness is consistent over the boot’s lifetime.

Rome Inferno W Stats

PRICE: £245
SIZES: UK 4-8.5


Also new is the ‘Skate Cuff 3D’ indentation in the liner, just above the heel bone. This better matches the shape of your foot, and therefore means there’s less wiggle room. Combines with the no-slip material below it, your heel will stay down where it belongs throughout the day. As for your toe, stretchy material ensures that little piggies of all shapes and sizes get the ideal fit.

Under foot you’ve got an incorporated insole that absorbs shocks, but not smells. It uses Aegis antimicrobial technology, tried and tested in everything from cycling shoes to the back of ambulances. And like the rest of the boot, the outsole is pared down let still tough enough for all but the most insane stuff.

Two Boas means that you can get an ideal fit in seconds; a few spins of the side disc secures the front of the boot, then do the same with the front disc ensures the cuff and 3D-moulded tongue sit exactly where you want them.

Get these heat-moulded for even better fit and performance (it’s called the Inferno, after all…) – and if you like the sound of this but have too many Y chromosomes, then check out the men’s version.